Lord Mayor's Show - what a day!


There were various Salters' families on the float - to name a few (and apologies for not naming them all!) we had the Tysons, the Wordies, the Kirks, the Nodders, not to mention a lot of Salters' staff helping out on the float, and some staff members' children.  We were also thrilled to have not one, not two, but three of our military affiliate cadet units with us walking behind the float and waving to the crowds - the South West London Army Cadets, the North London Area Sea Cadets and the RAF Cadets.  The Upper Warden, Mr Alan Wordie, and the Second Warden, Dr Elizabeth Nodder, led the way, with the Second Warden, driving the golf buggy that heralded the arrival of the large lorry behind it, proclaiming The Salters' Institute message.

Meanwhile, we opened up the Hall, as always, to our members for a hearty breakfast from 8.30-10.30pm (so those of us on the float had a chance for a good breakfast before getting ready to jump on the float!) and then again at 12.30-2.30pm for lunch, once all our members had had a look at all the floats, and watched the Lord Mayor's Pageant.

Thank you to all our members for being involved and being so supportive in communicating the Salters' message to everyone - we are very proud of The Salters' Institute, our flagship charity, and it was superb to be able to really shout about it and celebrate its Centenary at The Lord Mayor's Show.

Check out all the pictures on the Gallery pages of the website.  I'm sure you'll spot a few familiar faces!

Check out this link on Twitter: https://twitter.com/i/status/1062445174683516928

And you can see the BBC interview with the brilliant Dr Olivia Walker on BBC iplayer - well worth a look - what a brilliant advocate of The Salters' Institute!


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