Salters' Hall will be closed until further notice


Salters' Hall will be closed from today, Tuesday 17 March, until further notice. All staff will be working from home.

Relevant details are:

1. All staff have access to emails, which will be the preferred form of communication
2. Staff will have a Whatsapp group to pass information between themselves
3. All staff will be given a weekly update at 10.00 each Monday.  All members will also be sent an update then with relevant details. 
4. Staff will have their phones put on voicemail so if you wish to speak to anyone, leave a message and they will call you back when they can.  Staff can call in remotely to collect messages and will do so regularly each day.

No meetings will be taking place in the Hall in line with the closure. 

Public Programmes
All Public Programmes/Tours are cancelled until at least 14 April.

Institute Panel Interviews
These are cancelled until further notice.

The Hall’s closure will inevitably lead to disruption, however this is being done in line with Government guidelines and is an approach being adopted by other Livery Halls. Our staff and members’ welfare is the primary concern. We will try to ensure as much continuity of service as possible, however you will understand that the first week or so will take some getting used to.

There will obviously be security at the Hall and a skeleton staff during this period.

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