NEW Weekend Brunchtime Lectures!


Weekend Brunch Time Lecture Series

The Salters’ Company and its flagship charity, the Salters’ Institute, are launching a weekend brunch time lecture series to encourage dynamic and engaging discussion around chemistry and chemistry-related sciences.

These lectures are designed to bring chemistry, and how we interact with it, to life in accessible ways. We want to explore and celebrate innovation and scientific excellence, highlighting how chemistry can be found everywhere, from the clothes we wear, to the architecture around us, to inventions that help us live in a more sustainable and eco- friendly way.

Our target audience of 22-45-year-olds may or may not have a science background. We want show and support diversity within chemistry-related careers, and inspire and empower the thinkers, creators and designers of the future.

The series launches this month - April 2021! Each lecture takes place on one Saturday per month, concluding in early autumn 2021.

Lecture Schedule
Saturday 17th April:  Gitanjali Rao - Innovation, Chemistry, and Sustainability Tickets

Saturday 15th May:  Dr Stella Pedrazzini - How Salt Affect Metals: Improving Sustainability by Tackling Corrosion Tickets

Saturday 12th June:  Lauren Bowker - See The Unseen Tickets

Saturday 24th July:  Laura Rudoe - The Role of Chemistry in Skincare Tickets

Saturday 11th September:  Professor Rachel Armstrong - The Chemistry of Life and its Applications in the Built Environment: “Living” Architecture Tickets

Please see the Weekend Brunch Time Lecture brochure for further details.

Please see the brunch menu for the lectures taking place in Salters’ Hall.

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