The Salters' Charitable Foundation

The Salters' Charitable Foundation (SCF) provides a range of project grants, small one-off donations and longer-term core support.

SCF has a preference for funding smaller organisations where its support will make a real difference, and causes where members of The Salters' Company can either become involved or are already volunteers or supporters. SCF's grant-making is currently focused on two main priority themes: 

  • London Citizenship & Community Development
  • Education (with a preference for science education at school and university level)

SCF makes small annual contributions to a wide range of organisations which are close to Salters’ hearts, including our military affiliates, charities with personal connections and City institutions. In addition, the Charities Sub-Committee has the capacity to make small ‘one off’ contributions to interesting projects or organisations.

SCF also awards two or three larger project grants each year. Recipients for 2016/17 are:

Hackney Pirates

An education charity working with disadvantaged children in east London requiring assistance to release their literacy skills and develop their confidence. Teaching takes place at a unique environment in Hackney, ‘The Ship of Adventures’ (complete with trap door and ships’ cat!), and the young people involved work on publishing their own books, magazines and websites as part of the learning programme. Success is measured through academic progress and wider educational achievements. SCF has provided a grant of £10,000 over two years towards the salary of a session teacher, to work on the primary programme with children aged 10-11.

North London Cares

Many areas of London have undergone huge demographic and cultural change in recent years, leaving older residents feeling out of touch with their surroundings and newcomers rootless. North London Cares brings young professionals together with the older people in their neighbourhoods to create support networks, reduce isolation and encourage community connections. This small charity works hard to create lasting friendships between the generations through group activities, outings and events. NLC currently works in Camden and Islington, and has recently established a sister charity in South London. SCF has provided a grant of £12,000 over two years to the ‘Love Your Neighbour’ programme, which creates ‘one-to-one’ friendships for lonely or housebound older people.

Shelter from the Storm

Shelter from the Storm is an emergency night shelter in London which is unique in that is receives no statutory funding and can therefore accept anyone, from anywhere, in need of emergency accommodation. 44 men and women are housed each night, and increasingly the shelter is accommodating the working poor. Up to 40% of guests are in work but on zero hours contracts, minimum wage or self-employed and unable to secure housing. As well as emergency shelter, the organisation provides employment and legal support, counselling, health assistance, housing services and a communal evening meal. SCF has provided a grant of £14,234 over two years towards a Senior Caseworker salary.

Please note that SCF does not accept unsolicited applications.

Kate Priest 020 7588 5216 x235